NO Bill Back Guarantee Conditions


Returned cores will not be accepted with the following conditions:



All cores must have traceability back to an engine serial number and/or aircraft registration number, with a removal date. A removal tag and or log card is required.


Missing Parts

All parts specified by the OEM to be part of the unit must be present.


Missing Data Plate

All cores must be received with the original data plate.


Incorrectly Identified

Cores received missing modifications when indicated by the part number on the data plate to be incorporated, are not acceptable.


Previously Dismantled

Cores dismantled by the operator or another overhaul facility are not acceptable.


Submerged in Water

The core will be beyond economical repair.


Catastrophic Failure

Any major failure of internal drives is not acceptable.


Fire Damage

Cores subjected to high temperature resulting from a crash or other incident cannot be overhauled and are deemed to be scrap by the OEM.


Impact Damage

Cores removed from a crash that have any external damage are not acceptable.

Improper Storage-Cores showing excessive dirt or corrosion from improper storage are not acceptable.

Improper Packaging-Cores returned with insufficient packaging protection may require additional “Hard Landing” inspection requirements, which will result in additional core billings.

Any cores received with an unacceptable condition will be returned, or an additional billing will be processed to cover the discrepant parts. The customer will be contacted at the time of billing to discuss the problem and determine what options may be available.